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March update

Only 2 weeks before the clocks go forward and we get our light evenings again. Good news for gardeners but keep an eye on your garden furniture and equipment.

More guidance on scams – please read and pass it on

Yet more scams to warn you about and some general guidance to protect yourselves against falling victim to these very believable scams.

Think very hard before you give out ANY personal details, even your address, either over the phone or to people you don’t know, at events or to people who call at the door.

Scammers use the details you give them to find out more about you and very often even your address, postcode and some personal details will allow them to discover enough information to ‘by-pass’ security questions on your accounts etc.

Remember companies like banks etc will not ask you to give personal information or instruct you to pay or transfer money out of your account.

Over the past few weeks we have seen scammers pretending to be HMRC (Revenue and Customs) and demanding payment of debts pending prosecution or imprisonment.

At this time lots of you will be planning holidays and some will be booking your own accommodation and air tickets. There have been companies set up offering cut price air tickets which never materialise.

Scammers have been contacting teachers in charge of scool budgets, pretending to be the headteacher, and instructing them to make payments into false bank accounts. A warning regarding this scam has been passed on to our local school.

There have been offers of a generous rebate of £200 from Sky TV even though you may have never had Sky! All they want is details of your bank account!!

Please do not get caught out, if it sounds too good to be true it’s probably a scam! If you think you have been contacted by a scammer please contact the police fraud department via 101.

Remember to keep the NHW and ‘No Cold Callers’ stickers on your doors or windows and please keep an eye on your neighbours property, particularly if you know they are vulnerable. 

Please do not be frightened by ‘bullying’ tactics, put down the phone, call 101 and report what has been said to the police. They will advise you what to do next.

Please see contact details for our new PCSO further down the page.
Click here to read more advice from the police on home security.

Thefts from vehicles are also on the increase, please keep items of value out of sight, put valuables in the boot when you park and make sure all doors are locked when you leave the vehicle unattended, even on your own drive.

Hopefully you will have picked up the information, from the shop or village notice boards, of the PCSO for our area. We may not see as much of her because she is responsible for a large area but she has promised to be accessible via email or phone if anyone needs her help.
Her name is Liz Francis, her email address is 30420@dc.police.uk and her non emergency telephone number is 07736083780