Home Page

The home page carries current and seasonal information and warnings and will draw your attention to new posts on the other pages like Home Security and Scams etc.

There are new posts on the ‘scam’ page, one of them is quite clever and could catch many of us out.

We’ve been asked to warn you of increasing Garden thefts, furniture, ornaments etc. we realise it’s difficult to secure these items but placing them nearer the house, attaching a number of items together or fitting security lights to deter thieves are all useful precautions.

Thefts from vehicles are also on the increase, please keep items of value out of sight, put valuables in the boot when you park and make sure all doors are locked when you leave the vehicle unattended, even on your own drive.

You’ve probably received this information direct by now but please have a look at the ‘105’ page.

Remember to keep the NHW stickers on your doors or windows and please keep an eye on your neighbours property. A few lights on timers to make your house look occupied when you’re away are also a good idea but do tell your neighbours what you are doing.