105 is the new telephone contact number for information regarding power cuts.

You can contact 105 to report a power cut in your home and to ask for information about a power cut in your area

If the answering service cannot help you immediately they will put you in touch with the appropriate power provider.

You can also register as a vulnerable customer on the ‘Priority Service Register’, you will be given a priority number and personal contact ahead of any planned power cuts. This service applies to customers who have a medical dependency on electricity, those who are elderly, disabled or chronically sick. It also applies to recent hospital leavers, those depending on stair lifts and bath hoists and those who have communication difficulties.

If you wish to register on the Priority Service Register call 0800 096 3080 or contact http://www.westernpower.co.uk/PSR

Remember during a power cut a cordless phone will not work, you could have a corded phone in the house as a ‘backup’ or use a battery operated computer (laptop) to contact http://www.westernpower.co.uk click on ‘power cuts’ and ‘power cuts in your area’

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen but please be prepared in case it does!