Stokeinteignhead Neighbourhood Watch

The watch was started in 1992 as a network of co-ordinators passing out police information to members about crime in the local area.

A subscription was originally collected to pay for signs on the entry routes, we still have funds to replace these if needed. Stickers were also given out to members to place on their doors, front and back, to convince ‘would be’ burglars that we, as a village, are security conscious and they should move on.

The information system from the police has changed, it is now an automated   messaging service and available to anyone who registers, this has made our role rather redundant. However it does mean that the same protection is available to everyone at no cost.

Here are some suggestions to make you and your homes more secure:-

  • Put new stickers on, or near, your entry doors. We can provide new ones to replace those that have faded with time. Please separate the sticker from the backing paper, there are more available from the shop.
  • Lock doors and windows when you are out or when you are a distance way from the property.
  • Secure your outbuildings.
  • Register for police messaging, either at www.devon-cornwall.police.uk or fill in, and post, one of the forms available from our local shop
  • Mark your valuable possessions, take photos for identification in case they should be stolen, or use the new ‘IMMOBILISE’ system available from the police website.
  • If you would rather not have unwanted callers knocking on your door pick up one of the ‘No cold callers’ stickers from our local shop
  • Report suspicious or unusual people, vehicles or happenings to our local community police officer or via 101.
  • Neighbourhood Watch is really just about being good neighbours, so keep an eye on other properties around you, tell neighbours if you are going away, tell them if you have left lights on time switches and make friends at the same time.
  • Regan Toomer (Co-ordinator)       Bernard Stanley (Treasurer)dj.regan@hotmail.com                    bernard.stanley447@btinternet.com 

Local Community Police Officer: Liz Francis


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