House Security

Summer is just around the corner and, as the temperature rises, we tend to leave windows or doors open to keep the house cool and aired.
We have been asked by Devon and Cornwall police to remind you to keep doors and windows locked when you go out, even for a short period.
Please also make sure the front of your property is secure when you are working, or sunbathing, in the back garden. Thieves love an open door, please don’t make it easy for them.
Sheds should be locked and any items left out should be secured.

This is also the time of year when we start taking holidays, don’t forget to tell your neighbours you will be away and ask them to ‘keep an eye’ on your property.
It’s also a good idea to leave a few lights on timers so the house looks occupied but please tell your neighbours what you’ve done.

If you would like to view more advice on how to keep your property secure go to

Those of you who attended the Annual Parish Meeting in June 2015 will have seen the representative of Tamar Security who kindly agreed to attend and help me on the NHW stand.
The company is based in Exeter and their staff are happy to visit, advise on home security and design security systems to safeguard your property. They are not expensive and their staff are very obliging.

There are, of course, measures you can take yourself to improve the security of your property.
There are a range of home security devices which can easily be fitted by a ‘handy person’ for very little cost and will deter the ‘opportunist’ thief.
Our new signs are now located around the village, easily visible as vehicles enter. Please back this up with Neighbourhood Watch stickers on your entry doors or windows, it makes it clear that ours is a community working together to keep ourselves, and our neighbours, safe.

Bernard Stanley (